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???...Did you know fashion arm bands can also be used as sock garters...???

Please refer to our sizing chart below for your recommend size. 


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A Brief History of the Sleeve Garter / Arm Band

Sleeve garters were used during the latter part of the 19th century, where readymade shirts came in a single (extra-long) sleeve length.  Sleeve garters allowed men to customize the sleeve’s length and keep their clothing from becoming soiled while working.


The Present

One of the classiest underrated accessories in the history of men’s fashion; fashion arm bands are rapidly making a comeback and are all the rave among stylish men.

Most men don’t come in the standard ‘off the rack’ model size.  For men whose size and build are somewhat different, finding the perfect fitting dress shirt may be very difficult.  If the shirt fits in the neck, it may not fit in the sleeve lengths.  Thus making it impossible to achieve the correct shirt to jacket ratio.  And unless the man has the shirt tailored made, he must find ways to hide these flaws. 

A friend of mine, who was a professor at a local university, was 5’2”, 175 lbs., a 17.5” inch neck and a 30” sleeve length.  I noticed he folded his dress shirt cuffs over to make the shirt fit.  I felt bad that he needed to do that, but I understood, being an odd sized man myself.

At Fashion Arm Bands we have a remedy for all men, women and children.  No more sleeves too long…  Our fashion arm bands provide an attractive design, with the stylish look and feel you want, while keeping your sleeve lengths at the right proportion. 


Our Product

We at Fashion Arm Bands invite you to try the latest and hottest new fashion trend for the man’s man and experience the difference and the look of appreciation you will receive when you wear them.  Wear them with your tuxedo, your suit, or vest & shirt combination; wear them to work, church, business meetings, night life, date night, or wherever you want to look your best.  Coordinate them with your suits, shirts and ties, suspenders, handkerchiefs and cuff links. Wear them on your upper bicep, lower bicep, or around your forearm.  Wherever you wear them, you'll enjoy the confidence and attention you'll receive from wearing an accessory so stylish and elegant. At Fashion Arm Bands, our company bases its belief on the fact that our customer’s needs are the most important thing to us.  We are committed to meeting those needs. 

Please refer to our sizing chart for your recommended size.  Measure at the arm band wearing position (upper bicep, lower bicep, forearm)

Arm Band Size                      Neck Size                          Your Bare Arm Size

Small                                     12 -13"                                     8 – 9”

Medium                                14 -15"                                    10 – 11”

Large                                     16 - 17"                                   12 – 13”

X- Large                                 18 - 19"                                   14 – 15”

2X-Large                                20 - 21"                                   16 – 17”

This is a new time and a new time calls for a new look.  Invoked by the 19th century but inspired by the stylish look of the 21st century man, we at Fashion Arm Bands thought it only appropriate to give the sleeve garter a new sleek, hot make-over that accents today’s hot new fashion style and retro, trendy man.

Be completely dressed…   

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